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March 2008

The Monterey Bay Chapter of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association met the local West Point Association of Graduates for their annual golf match on Saturday, November 3rd at Monterey Pines the Naval Postgraduate School golf course. In a reversal of fortunes Army prevailed 6 1/2 to 5 ½. In spite of the results it was a great event with the losers buying lunch. The Navy team is pictured below.

USNAAA golfers above are Ben Czaja ’54, Matt Pastalaniec ’54, Ted Ardell ’61, Bill Nelson ’64, Ray Jones ’60, Joe Ekelund ’49, John Alich ’64, and Dick Miller ’50.


April 2007

Blue Chip Dinner

The Monterey Bay chapter hosted its annual Blue Chip dinner in honor of potential candidates for the incoming USNA class of 2011 on February 3rd at Rancho Cañada Golf Club in Carmel Valley, CA. The dinner kicked off with cocktails with a Naval Academy video playing in the background. The guests were then seated at attractive tables decorated with blue and gold accents. Each of the four candidates and their families was seated at separate tables with alumni and wives.

John Alich ’64, chapter president, welcomed the candidates, their families. John Alich introduced the candidates and their families. After dinner, we heard a stimulating talk by Professor Kalev “Gunner” Sapp of the Naval Postgraduate School on the current situation in the Middle East.

Pictured above are Matt Pasztalaniec ’54, Lorraine Pasztalaniec, Norm Channel ’55 (with back to camera), Matt and Lorraine’s daughter Wynne Dauerheim, and granddaughter and potential candidate Alexandra Dauerheim.

Other candidates attending were Kaitlin Boensel, daughter of Heather and Matt Boensel ’80, David Kurtmen, son of Anna Yateman and Charles Kurtmen, and Jared Wigg, son of Amy and Neal Wigg. Other alumni in attendance were Susan and John Alich ’64, senior chapter member George Whistler ’43, Virginia and Jim Poland ’53, Portia and Bob Bourke ’60, Pamela and Monterey Blue and Gold officer John Pfeiffer ’63, Danielle Lee and Greg Mislick ’80, John Baker ’00, Gloria and Bernie Czaja ’54, Jean and John Peterson ’60, Helen and Jim Egerton ’56, and Annie and Scott Jasper ’80.

Other activities

The chapter is planning another spring outing at a local winery to celebrate the arrival of the dry season. You can keep up with planned events at the chapter’s web site at


August 2006

Chapter Communications
The Monterey Bay Chapter communicates with all area alumni through email using the USNA Alumni Association database and by posting information on the Monterey Bay Chapter website at Additionally limited direct mailings on events are sent to known non-email users that have shown past interest in the events. If you haven’t updated your email address at the USNA Alumni association you are encouraged to do so. They do not share the data for marketing purposes. The Chapter maintains an up-to-date website including information on planned activities, a local Chapter membership application, and minutes of Chapter Board meetings as well as organizational information. The Chapter website can be accessed through or directly at:
We recommend you incorporate the address in your browser favorites or links. It is the best source of current information on the Chapter.

Call for Chapter Board Participation
With graduation of the current DLI and NPS classes, we have lost some of the representation from recent graduating classes. If you are interested or have a classmate that you would like to recommend to participate on the Monterey Bay Chapter Board please go to the Chapter website and click on “Contact Us”. The Chapter is interested in expanding participation of all classes and providing events of broad interest.

Future Activities
A wine tasting and lunch is planned at the Chateau Julien wine estate in Carmel Valley this August. This has been an enjoyable event in the past. Since it is a repeat for many this year, we will have a lunch and tasting with a tour available for those that have not attended in the past.

We have a limited number of tickets for the Navy football game at Stanford. They can be obtained through the NAAA by going to:

Use the sign in and password from the email you received. If you no longer have that information click on “Contact Us”.

For more information on events go to the Chapter website.


April 2006

Blue Chip Dinner

The Monterey Bay chapter hosted a very successful dinner in honor of seven potential candidates for incoming classes on February 4th at the Rancho Cañada Golf Club in Carmel Valley. The event kicked off with a cocktail get-acquainted session which featured a video of the Naval Academy in the background. The group then moved to the elegant dining room where the tables were decorated with blue and gold items of every description. Each candidate and their parents were seated at a different table with some seasoned and some recent graduates.

John Alich ‘64, chapter president, led off with a welcome and an introduction of guests. After dinner, we were entertained by a wonderful rendition of patriotic music by a choir comprising members of the Navy contingent of students at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey. Following this, John Pfeiffer ‘63, local Blue and Gold Officer, made some administrative comments and then introduced LT Zack Ellis ’99, representative of the USNA Admissions Office, who made remarks on USNA, value of the education, quality of candidates and applicant pool, the admissions program, and what lies ahead.

Rosie Goscinski and candidate
Pictured above is LT Rosie Goscinski ’01 with candidate Elizabeth Ward and her parents Dolores and Gerald Ward. Other potential midshipmen were Johathan Boyles, Chris Engel, Claire Matt, Kyle Guglielmo, and twin brothers Eun and Myung Park.

Other alumni attendees included Susan and John Alich ’64, Annie and Scott Jasper ’80, principal event organizer, Jamie Bartz ’02, Heather and Matt Boensel ’80, Portia and Bob Bourke ’60, Joann and Jack Branson ’50, Norm Channell ’55, Gloria and Bernie Czaja ’54, Helen and Jim Egerton ’56, Zack Ellis ’99, Chris Georgi ’96, Wendy and Steven Cramer ’67, Jennifer and Greg Lask ’96, Claire and Dick Miller ’50, Greg Mislick ’80, Matt Pasztalaniec ’54, local Blue and Gold officer John Pfeiffer ’63, Virginia and Jim Poland ’53, Rick Ricci ’64, Charlotte and Joe Rysavy ’99, David Watts ’66, senior chapter member George Whisler ’43, Frances and Joshua Wolf ’02.

Future Activities

The chapter hopes to plan a joint event with other service academy graduates in the local area in May, and a wine tasting and tour at one of Monterey County’s many wineries, which has become an annual event.


March 2006

Wine Tasting

About 40 chapter members assembled at the Chateau Julien Winery in Carmel Valley on 20 August for a tour, where we learned some of the finer points of one of California’s favorite industries. This is a Chapter annual event. From the picture below you can tell all enjoyed the extensive tasting.

Wine Tasting in Carmel Valley
Rick Williams '64, Sherri Williams, Norm Channell '55, Helen Egerton, Jim Egerton '56, Gloria Czaja, Richard “Pag” Pagnillo '59, Bernie Czaja '54, Susan Alich, Peggy Pagnillo, Artie Mueller '96, Tara Mueller, Chris Georgi '96, John Alich '64.

Army Navy game

Alumni from USNA and USMA attended a large gathering of other fans at the Naval Postgraduate School to witness Navy’s repeat capture of the Commander in Chief’s Trophy. This event was sponsored by the school’s MWR section and the local branch of the Navy Federal Credit Union.

Blue Chip Dinner

The chapter will host a dinner on 4 February to inform and encourage seven candidates for the incoming class of 2010. This is the second year for this event which was attended by 8 candidates, their families and 60 graduates this past year.

Future Events

Additional events planned for this year include a joint Service Academy gathering in the fall and the Navy – Stanford Football Game September 16, 2006. For up to date information on activities visit the website at: